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Help Boost Your Career with a Microcredential from 澳门官方娱乐游戏平台 

Adding verified skills and experience to your resume can be made possible through a microcredential from 澳门官方娱乐游戏平台. Whether you want to add new skills to your resume or round out your degree, this can be made possible with a microcredential  — without slowing you down.  

What is a Microcredential?

A microcredential is a short-term series of coursework offered in a variety of discipline areas and in-demand fields that give students expertise and skills in specific areas. A microcredential might give you the edge to enter a new career field or expand your current career opportunities. 

When you complete a microcredential, you will receive a digital badge from MCC. Completion of a microcredential can be added to a resume, letting current and potential employers — and your professional network — know that you are proficient in a subject matter. 
MCC has a growing number of microcredentials available that set the standard for nationally and internationally high-quality, stackable credentials designed with you in mind. Microcredentials是:  

Many microcredentials are “stackable” meaning that they can be applied towards credit for a certificate or degree program. 

Each microcredential has been designed to meet the current and emerging market needs, in addition to aligning with relevant industry standards. 

Completion of microcredentials is recorded on your MCC transcript and/or highlighted in a SUNY digital badge, allowing the benefits to travel with you. A digital badge offers verified proof of competency and documents specific skills you gained through learning. 

网上或亲身: Many of our microcredentials can be completed online or in-person, allowing you the ultimate flexibility to complete the coursework. 

Microcredentials Offered at MCC

microcredential is hands-on and aligns with numerous New York State Department of Labor Apprenticeship 项目 as MCC is an approved Related Technical Instruction (RTI) provider to area companies. 

Discover the essential knowledge needed to excel in the construction industry through this 综合项目 that covers two key areas: building construction and highway/site construction. 

这 program is ideal for individuals looking to make a career change as well as a professional development opportunity for current food service workers as it teaches key culinary techniques and concepts

In-service teachers will benefit from 这microcredential as it provides coursework to be applied toward their Supplemental Certification in Earth Sciences in New York State. 

Designed for advanced GIST students or GIST professionals looking to enhance their skillset with 专业的培训 in geospatial data acquisition and management, web mapping, and geospatial programming. 

Develop a solid foundation in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability through our carefully 策划程序, allowing you to recognize the preconditions for genocide and human rights violations. 

Focused on providing the critical skills required for success from day-one, 这microcredential encompasses practical lab experience and comprehensive theory in refrigeration, 加热系统, 机械系统, 电气系统. 

Students and working professionals seeking to improve their ability to collaborate and work successfully with diverse populations can become equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in diverse settings. 

的课程 包括在这个项目中 are part of the Related Technical Instruction for registered Precision Optics Manufacturing Technician apprentices and is designed to create a jump-start for those who want to enter the optics manufacturing industry.  

microcredential程序 has been created to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to excel as phlebotomists by engaging with patients in a professional manner and collecting vital samples.   

这 program emphasizes the integration of theoretical knowledge with real-world practical application by providing the skills and competencies needed in trauma-informed保健.  

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