Welcome to the world of MCC.

As one of the most innovative community colleges in North America, we’re pleased to welcome students from all around the world. And you’ll be pleased to know that many of our students go on to succeed at colleges like Rochester Institute of Technology, Cornell and other excellent four-year schools.

We're ready to help you!

Building: 1, Room: 211
(585) 292-2200

Do you have questions about the application and admissions process? Schedule an in-person appointment with a friendly and helpful admissions representative today.

For the best possible experience, please select the appointment location that best represents your needs.

Brighton Campus

Building 1, Room 211


Monday – Friday 8:45am – 4:45pm





How to Apply, Step by Step

Here are the steps to get through the application process at MCC quickly and easily. We’re happy to help you in any way during the process. That’s why we’re here. Please contact us at InternationalAdmissions@staffcompany.net.

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